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Learn About District Councils

08 Jun 2018 9:39 PM | Anonymous

Would you like to meet some of your neighbors? Find a way to be useful in your own community?  Saint Paul makes participation easy for its residents through the 17 district councils.

For more than 40 years, Saint Paul’s district councils have educated their residents about local issues and advocated for their communities to city council and other “higher” levels of government.  They have also been a training group for many city officials; current city council members Rebecca Noecker and Jane Prince served on their respective district councils.

What’s your own District Council involved in?  It depends on the Council, but here are issues most work on one way or another:

  • land use, including small area planning
  • gardens
  • transportation
  • youth in the neighborhood
  • local celebrations
  • community safety

Your own District Council can help you resolve issues, as well as find a place for yourself in your city.  You can find its name and check out its website on this map. You will be welcomed at its board meeting or any of its committee meetings.

If you would like to share your District Council experiences with the League’s Observer Corps, contact Diggitt McLaughlin at diggittmcl@gmail.com.

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