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Sunrise Award

About the Award

The Sunrise Award, first presented in 1987, is given at the Annual Meeting to a Leaguer who has become a member within the past three years and has shown exceptional service and commitment to LWVSP. Nominees are requested from the membership, and a committee consisting of last year’s recipient and two Board members select the recipient for the current year.

Past Winners

1987    Mary Vik

1988    Ester Lewis Fesler

1989    Mary Shortall

1990    Teri Pardo

1991    Lorraine Lauren

1992    Gayle Crampton

1993    Ellen Kluz

1994    Ellen Weiss

1995    Betsy Gardner

1996    VanAsa Wanless

1997    Jennifer Ridgeway

1998    Colleen Hartmon-Bollom

1999    Amy Mino

2000    Jessica Crary

2001    Mary Voight

2002    Marisa Geisler

2003    Carol Mollner

2004    Vicki Lofquist

2005    Jaclyn Schroeder

2006    Emily Reilly

2007    Kate Blessing

2008    Karissa Huntington

2009    Tenzin Dolkar

2011    Laura Schwartz

2012    Lucy Morgan

2013    Hally Turner

2014    Sarah Small

2015 Nicole Mickelson

2016    Hayden Kilkenny

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