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The Faye Lyksett Award, first given posthumously in 1959, is presented at the LWVSP Annual Meeting to a member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the League and the community for which she has not received public recognition.  

The award was created to recognize a member who, like Faye Lyksett, has demonstrated devoted service, performance excellence and enthusiasm about the League for many years.  This recognition is not meant to be a “Leaguer of the Year” award, but it is given to a member who embodies Faye Lyksett’s qualities. 

Selection Criteria

  • Service to the League program, purpose, organization and membership
  • Length of service
  • Diversification of Activity
  • Responsiveness to assist where needed
  • Public relations within the community

Lyksett Committee

Past award winners often continue their great work on the Lyksett Committee, which often raises funds for the organization. 

Past Winners

1960 Audrey Cochrane

1961 Elaine Springsted

1962 Janet Giefer

1963 Francis Boyden

1964 Ruby Hunt

1965 Beverly Vavoulis

1966 Betty Vachon

1967 Greta Michaels

1968 Agnes Jefferson

1969 Lorraine Wood

1970 Norma Finnegan

1971 Mertyce Mayne

1972 Mary Lou Grahek

1973 Eleanor Weber

1974 Jan Dvorak

1975 Louise Marvin

1976 Marylyn Deneen               

1977 Marilyn Lundberg

1978 Marlene Krona

1979 Verna Becker, Peggy Lynch

1980 Sally Patterson

1981 Jean Thomas

1982 Deborah Nelson

1983 Dianne Brooke

1984 Beverly McKinnell

1985 Dru Osterud

1986 Sigrid Johnson

1987 Roberta Megard

1988 Joan Newmark

1989 Barbara Burleigh

1990 Carol Osip

1991 Joanne Englund

1992 Trudy Dunham

1993 Sara Pillow

1994 Ann Copeland

1995 Diane Power

1996 Mary Jo Leier

1997 Mary Vik

1998 Sally Stoppel

1999 Elaine Saline

2000 Phyllis Hollihan

2001 Lois Yellowthunder

2002 Marion Watson

2003 Vicki Gee-Treft

2004 Kathy Stack

2005 Kristine Madson

2006 Mary Voight

2007 Amy Mino

2008 Roger Anderson

2009 Jaclyn Schroeder

2011 Tenzin Dolkar

2012 Colleen Bollom

2013 Bonnie Benson

2014 Judy Screaton

2015 Marge Anderson

2018  Marion McCarthy

2019  Hayden Kilkenny

2020 Claudia Dieter

2021 Nick Harper

2022 Heidi Kloempken

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