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We Study Issues

Before LWVSP takes positions on local issues, we study them carefully. For new issues, we take two years to carefully research an issue and publish a study. Sometimes we produce updates to existing positions. And at other times, Leaguers develop Briefing Papers, or primers that help our members understand an issue well enough to talk with a legislator about it and provide resources for more information. 

See our published studies.

We Take Positions

After we extensively study issues, we take positions on them through a consensus process. Over the years, many new issues have arisen, while others have changed dramatically. Are you interested in getting involved? Consider helping LWVSP research new issues and update existing positions.

We Take Action

Once we establish positions on issues, members take action. We support or initiate legislation, write letters to elected officials, give testimony and lobby. 

In 2012, both LWVSP and LWVMN worked hard to defeat the Constitutional Marriage Amendment and the Voter ID Amendment. 
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