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Become a Smarter Recycler

15 Mar 2018 1:42 PM | Anonymous

We had a small crowd at the Smart Recycler presentation last night, but those who attended left with a better understanding of the way the city of Saint Paul and Ramsey County partner to make sure we are doing all we can as a community to reduce waste and protect our environment. Rae Eden Frank, Planning Specialist II with the Environmental Health Division for Ramsey County shared news about upcoming services to help keep us moving in the right direction.  In May, we will be able to pick up countertop organic waste bucketssmall and perfect for apartment dwellers. With the free bucket, you will get a few compostable bags to use, and when you drop off your full bags at a approved site for composting, you will be issued a few more bagsall at not cost to you! We learned not only how to compost, but how to use your compost to help grow healthy lawns, fruits and vegetables, trees, shrubs and flowers. Spreading compost around plants helps to reduce weeds! 

Rae also shared great re-use information. The county offers free Fix-It Clinics at various locations every month. Instead of throwing out that old CD player or VHS player, you can bring it into the clinic and a volunteer (who likes to tinker) will fix it while you watch. This way you can learn how to do it yourself if the problem arises again. In addition, they offer fee disposal of household hazardous waste at their Saint Paul (Bay West) location where you can bring your leftover gasoline, antifreeze, bug killers/repellents, paint and spray paint and many other products. You can also pick up partial containers of these products! Need just a little paint for a project? Check out their stock! 

For hours, locations and more information, please check out the website at www.RamseyRecycles.com.

Attendees also shared their tips and ideas. We learned how easy it is to make and use our own laundry and dishwasher detergent so we don’t need to buy and get rid of the big packaging and we know exactly what is in what we clean our clothes and dishes with. 

Thank you to Rae Eden Frank and Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health for helping us be better environmental stewards, and to Joann Ellis of the Program Committee for planning the event.

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