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Are Caucus Observers Allowed?

26 Feb 2016 10:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We received a great question in the email this morning, and wanted to provide our answer to everyone who might be asking the same question.

Can an individual participate in a caucus if she will not be eligible to vote by Election Day (e.g., not a citizen, disenfranchised by felony conviction, or under 18)?


As far as we are aware, non-voting observers are allowed at all party caucuses. While they may not vote, they may still observe the caucus or even help run it. Party representatives often encourage observers because observers tend to become active voters in later years when they become eligible to vote. The parties also might need observers to assist with running the caucuses as well, although that is not required. Being an observer at a caucus is an excellent way to introduce oneself to the democratic process and grassroots politics!

You can watch a video by the League of Women Voters Minnesota, "Caucus: Power Up Your Vote," to hear interviews with DFL and GOP representatives about the caucus process at this link.  (They specifically discuss and extend invitations to observers at the 6:20 mark.)

For more information on the caucuses, including contact information for the parties (including minor parties), you can use this link.

You should contact the party of your preference to confirm if any procedures are required to be an observer at your caucus.

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