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Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Living in the Community: LWV MN Vote

16 May 2013 3:04 PM | Deleted user

LWV Minnesota is asking members at the May 18-19 to adopt a concurrence to a LWV Michigan position on that issue. Please see the attached document for additional information on this issue.  The LWV MN vote will be on Sunday afternoon at the state convention.

Please review the document here:
Program proposed concurrence-Felon 2013.docx

Below is an excerpt from the attached document:



LWV Michigan Policy (updated 2010):  The LWVMI supports. . . [p]reservation of an incarcerated person’s right to . . . [a]ccess . . . the vote following incarceration.

Current Minnesota Law:  Individuals who are convicted of a felony in Minnesota are not able to vote  when they are incarcerated, on supervised release (parole) or probation.  Current law “creates significant confusion among the public, election judges, election administrators and the individual convicted of a felony.“[i]

Recommendation: That LWV Minnesota concur with the LWV Michigan policy, hereinafter called the “Incarcerated/Nonincarcerated Model.”


  • ·         Clarify Minnesota law by allowing a convicted, nonincarcerated felon the right to vote when under community supervision (probation or supervised release).
  • ·         Simplify the process of determining whether a person who has been convicted of a felony is eligible to vote, creating fewer challenges for election administrators in making the determination.
  • ·         Save money for local units of government by
  • o   streamlining eligibility determinations for election administrators
  • o   avoiding expenses in proposed 2013 legislation which would require mailed notification to felons in the community of their restricted voting rights
  • o   avoiding the expense of prosecuting those who mistakenly register or vote.

[i] First Interim Report and Initial Recommendation of Task Force on Election Integrity, Jan. 30, 2012, accessible on the MN Secretary of State’s website at www.sos.state.mn.us/ 

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