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Amy Mino, President

Amy has been a League member since 1996 and has served in various capacities, including Nominating Committee Chair, Membership Chair and, most recently, as Treasurer for the past seven years. She is also the Executive Director of Minnesota Landmarks, a nonprofit responsible for the overall management of Landmark Center. Amy holds a B.A. in Art History from Macalester College and a Master’s in Public Affairs from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Vicki Barnes, Vice President
Vicki moved to the St. Paul area in June of 2015. Previous to that she lived in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and had two stints in Northern Italy. Her past volunteer experience includes Mayor of a military community and member of a group trying to pass legislation against corporal punishment in Pennsylvania schools (it took 10 years, but we did it). With the move to Minnesota and the political climate of the country, learning about how we got this way and how to improve it for her grandchildren has become a priority for Vicki. She has enjoyed getting to know the members of the League and looks forward to learning from them, as well as serving with them in the coming years.

Nichole Fairbanks, Treasurer
Nichole has been a League member since 2015. In her work career, Nichole is a CPA with the St. Paul firm Harrington Langer and Associates.

Crystal Rose-Wainstock, Secretary

Crystal moved to the North End neighborhood of St. Paul last year with her husband and son. She became active in the League after attending a mayoral candidate forum. She teaches English at the Minnesota English Language Program at the University of Minnesota and is active with regional and international professional organizations. Crystal is passionate about voter education and engagement, and she believes that the work the League does helps further that cause.


Amy Perna, Voter Service
Amy lives in the Como Park neighborhood with her husband and daughter and serves as Vice Chair for the Como Community Council. She has been the Candidate Forum Coordinator since 2016 and a member since 2017. She has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota and a Master's from the Humphrey School of Public Policy. Amy's passion for civic and community engagement that began in high school, organizing students and faculty to support Diversity Day.  She believes that a healthy democracy requires informed and engaged citizens, open and responsive government and the opportunity to take action.

Joann Ellis, Who Didn’t Vote Update
Joann Ellis has resided in St. Paul on the East Side for over 30 years. She had known about the League for many years but finally decided to join the cause after this past November elections.  She is a teacher by trade and has always felt the value of education in any situation!  She believes now is the time that we need to engage, encourage and educate people about what voting is and how it affects their daily lives. Over the years, Joann has been involved in many causes from Early Childhood Education to advocating for the aging.  She has organized rallies at the State Capitol, served on many Boards in the areas of education, parent advocacy, community events and programs and aging. She also organized a Living at Home/Block Nurse Program in her area that is still up and running today.

Erin Heisler, Communications & Marketing
Erin spends much of her time creating marketing content as a Web Communications Specialist for Children’s Home and Lutheran Social Service. She is passionate about ways in which digital content can build positive communities and promote civic engagement. Her research on this topic has been published in the Handbook of Research on Citizen Engagement and Public Participation in the Era of New Media.  She has thoroughly enjoyed serving the League as an off-board consultant since September 2015—assisting with marketing, the web presence, and planning committees—and looks forward to becoming more involved as a board member.

Hayden Kilkenny, Membership

Hayden has lived in St. Paul for the past 12 years. She and her family are very involved in the Irish community in St. Paul through dance and cultural organizations. Currently, she is Chair of Community Relations for the St. Patrick’s Association, which organizes the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Judy Screaton, Programs
Judy Screaton believes that voting and elections must constantly be monitored in order to be fair. She joined the board in order to work on election issues such as the Voter ID amendment and to support our Candidate Forums. Judy is impressed by LWVSP’s outstanding that LWVSP voting and elections work.

Marion McCarthy
Marion McCarthy has been on the League board for several years, taking care of the office phone scheduling and supporting League board meetings by providing a meeting room at Episcopal Homes.  She has been a member of LWVSP since 2011, after transferring from a league from outside of Minnesota.

Diggitt McLaughlin, Program & Observer Corps
Diggitt moved to St. Paul several years ago, registering to vote immediately, and signing up as an election judge. She’s especially interested in the efficacy of Minnesota election law, comparing it with New Yorks’ “byzantine” election laws with which she worked for years as a LWV activist in New York. Diggitt’s League interests are in serving and educating voters. Why have a democracy, she asks, if voters can’t vote? She enjoys registering voters and moderating candidate debates. She is an alternate to the board of the West Side Community Organization. Diggitt has a Master’s Degree in theology and has trained for the Unitarian Universalist ministry. She has been a professional photographer and journalist.

Dan Krivit, Programs

Dan has lived in Saint Paul most of his adult life. Dan has been political engaged most of his adult life in part due to his passion for environmental protection and resource conservation, both personally and professionally. He has served on the boards of non-profit environmental and recycling organizations throughout his career. Dan is a new member of the League of Women Voters St. Paul chapter (LWVSP) since 2017 and the LWVSP Board since June 2018. Dan’s greatest interest is in trying to help make a difference with voter registration and turnout, especially in first time young voters. Dan lives with his wife, Susan Schmidt, in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood of Saint Paul. Occasionally, their two adult children, Joe and Jenna, live with them (depending on the year and season!).

Heidi Kloempken
Heidi has lived in St. Paul since 2010 and been a League member since 2016. With a passion for education and civic engagement, Heidi's favorite League activity is registering voters at libraries and high schools. Outside of League, Heidi works as a teacher educator, enjoys reading, and loves attending baseball games.


Nick Harper, Website
A member since 2014 and a former Co-President of LWVSP, Nick Harper now takes care of LWVSP's website as Webmaster and provides office support for its membership and email service.  In his day job, Nick is the Civic Engagement Director for LWV Minnesota.

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